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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is using a high power laser beam to cut the flat sheet metal or hollow pipe in shape according to the CAD file

What is Sheet Metal Laser Cutting?

The same as metal CNC machining, metal laser cutting is also a subtractive manufacturing technology control by Computer programmed. Different from the Tools using in CNC machining, Laser cutting is using a high power laser beam to cut the flat sheet metal or hollow pipe in shape according to the CAD file. The laser cutting machined is great at cutting varieties of metal materials.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Advantages of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

At Sanwo, we do sheet metal laser cutting no only for sheet metal bending but also for the end use application. There are many advantages of the sheet metal laser cutting which have been used in numerous industries including the automotive, aerospace, electronics, semi-conductor and medical industries such as safer, more efficient and reliable for the growing demand on manufacturing and production.

Capabilities of Sanwo Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Thanks to the accuracy and speed of laser cutting, it is used to cutting materials from the sheet metal, make holes and create complicate shapes for models and prototypes. It allows for high accurate and precise leaving a clean cut smooth finish and helps products, components and devices to become smaller and smaller.

Sanwo rapid manufacturing company provides service for laser cutting for tiny parts from as small a 8mm spacer and the big parts as big as 2000* 4000 mm covers. It is a manufacturing and production processes for sheet metal products runs from prototype to several thousand pieces depend on the demands to low cost and expedite delivery.

Laser cutting will no change any of the material property that any secondary finish like heat treating, plating, painting and anodizing will be the same as the material itself.

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting is a manufacturing technique that utilizes a high-powered laser beam to cut, engrave or mark material. Laser cutting can be used with a wide range of materials, from metal to paper. There are multiple types of laser cutting machines categorized by gas, liquid or solid-state. CO2 lasers are a gas state laser which use a carbon dioxide mixture to cut. Solid-state lasers, such as the fiber optic laser, use laser diodes transmitted through optical fibers to create the desired cuts. The laser cutting machine uses no mechanical components and makes its cuts within an enclosure. This means the operation produces less noise and decreases the personal risk of the operator. 

Laser cutting may involve one or more of the following techniques: 

Laser cutting: The material is cut to create smaller pieces or intricate shapes. 

Laser engraving: A layer is removed from the material, leaving an engraving or design. 

Laser marking: Like engraving, a mark is made on the material’s surface, but it is not as deep as an engraving. 

Laser drilling: Dents or holes are made in the material.


  • Aluminum Frame Aluminum Frame
  • Galvanized Pipe Laser Cutting Galvanized Pipe Laser Cutting
  • Q235 Pipe Laser Cut and Weld Q235 Pipe Laser Cut and Weld
  • Sheet Frame Laser Cutting Sheet Frame Laser Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Cover Sheet Metal Cover
  • Sheet Metal Cutting Bend Sheet Metal Cutting Bend
  • Square Pipe Laser Cut Square Pipe Laser Cut


Metal Laser cutiing FAQ

How does metal laser cutting work?

Metal Laser cutting is using a high power laser beam piercing the metal sheet with a hole and continues along the cutting from there getting the gap by melting the material.

What metal material can be laser cutting?

There are a huge variety of metal can be laser cutting , the most popular metal sheets are Aluminum and stainless steel from one piece to lager quantities. Other alternative materials are Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium sheet.

Why it is laser cutting metal better than other production process for sheet metal?

Laser cutting metal is a non-contact process that using the laser beam, which is safe and no tools damage or wasting duing the process

How accurate is cutting with lasers?

With a focused narrow beam, laser cutting can provide an ultimate level of accuracy with around 0.1mm

Will laser cutting heat damage the metal material?

No, as it is a non-contact heating focused process, the heat is only precise on the area of the beam.

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