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What is Aluminuim Extrusion ?

Aluminum Extrusion known as Eagle molding is an cheap and fast process for those Aluminum sections like Aluminum clips, caps, angles, bars, channels, fixtures and tubes long in meters to be manufacture by press the heated Aluminum through a simple Tool. To save the tool cost and labor cost, these parts are all used in established standard which can be easy buy in Alibaba. However, at Sanwo, we offer Aluminum Extrusion for other applications in industrial area.

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What is Sanwo Aluminum Extrusion offer?

As an rapid prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing company, Sanwo offers custom Aluminum Extrusion for none standard parts in short for prototyping, low volume production and high production manufacture. When it comes to meet the unique requirement from each of customers, Sanwo always have the process and finish suggestions for customer to reference to.

How to complete the Extrusion projects

Our advance machinery allows us complete the Extrusion Parts whether by the assistant from the Laser cutting, CNC post machining, welding, hole drilling, Threading or tapping, we can choose whether the exist aluminum profile from the market and them do secondary post machining process or extrude the new work piece from the very beginning and combine with the post machining process to get the needed dedicated extrusion parts.

At Sanwo, we also provide the Custom Aluminum finishing services for Extrusion, such as deburring, anodizing, brushing, painting, e-coating and powder coating.


  • Aluminum Heatsink Aluminum Heatsink
  • Connector Aluminum Connector Aluminum
  • Container Extrusion Container Extrusion
  • Extrusion Laser cut Parts Extrusion Laser cut Parts
  • Heatsink Aluminum Heatsink Aluminum
  • Heatsink Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink Aluminum Extrusion
  • Slid Pipe Slid Pipe
  • Slid Pipe Extrusion Slid Pipe Extrusion


Aluminum Extrusion FAQ

Why Choose Sanwo Rapid for the Aluminium extrusion services?

Sanwo offers custom Aluminum Extrusion for none standard parts in short for prototyping, low volume production and high production manufacture. Used in consumer electronics, whether it is for a final product or a material prepared stage for secondary CNC machining

What is the Aluminum Type for Aluminum Extrusion ?

Aluminum for Extrusion is normally those Aluminum with the good tensile strength like Aluminum 5052 and Aluminum 6063, which needs at least 1.5 meter extrude lengths each time, and cut by Wire into pieces.

What finish can the Aluminum Extrusion parts apply?

Aluminum Material property for extrusion is the same as the CNC aluminum, hence, the finish for Extrusion parts is the same as CNC aluminum too

Why CNC is needed for Sanwo Extrusion?

At Sanwo, though we make Aluminum Extrusions, we don’t provide service for constructions like sections or Channel dies part, we provide this services for the consumer electronic industrial like Motor shells, heat sinks and

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