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Low Volume CNC Machining

CNC production is suitable for all low volume to big quantities in CNC machining, lathing turning, Milling Cutting process

What is Low Volume CNC Machining?

There is no MOQ in CNC machining process at Sanwo Rapid manufacture, our Customs machining process and technologies allows us to provide the machining services from 1 pieces to hundred thousands mass production. Low Volume CNC Machining is the most common quantities on CNC machining at Sanwo, We have more than 30 CNC milling, turning and EDM machined in house for all your Low Volume CNC Machining needs, and we have multilingual support teams to ensure your CNC volume production needs.

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Low Volume Manufacturing

Material Choice for Low Volume CNC Machining

Combine with 3 -Axis, 4-Axis and 5 Axis CNC machining process, Sanwo provides high quality Low Volume CNC Machining in a rapid speed. There are also varieties of material supports for different demands, shells, enclosures and frames require good finish and light weight will choose Aluminum and Magnesium, accessories and components require mechanical function will choose Zinc and Brass, spindles, hinges and tumblers require hardness and strength will Choose Stainless Steel and Titanium. What is the best material choice for your low volume CNC machining parts? Please contact us for further information.

Low volume CNC machining parts

Machining is a vertical machining process to cut materials by rotating a round cutters and move along the parts, the part material for this process is the flat block, and gets parts on different shapes. Any easy or complex geometries parts can have the low volume cnc machining part.

Low volume Turning parts

Turning is a horizontal cnc machining process to cut material by moving the cutter along a rotating part, the part material is normally a bar and only produce round and symmetrical parts due to its fundamentals. Low volume turning parts are those round precision spindles, shafts, handles, flanges and fasteners.


1. Industrial-grade engineering prototypes; 

2. Functional prototypes that match the final product; 

3. Pre-production components for verification testing; 

4. High-requirement custom parts;

5. Fast turnaround production parts.

What is the low volume process?

In the realm of manufacturing, efficiency and precision are paramount. When it comes to producing limited quantities of parts or prototypes, the low volume process emerges as a strategic solution.

Tailored Precision: Low volume CNC machining offers a tailored approach to precision manufacturing. With Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology at its core, this method ensures consistency and accuracy, even with intricate designs and complex geometries.

Cost-Effective Solutions: For projects with limited production runs, traditional mass manufacturing processes may prove financially prohibitive. Low volume CNC machining mitigates this challenge by optimizing resources and minimizing setup costs, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Unlike rigid mass production methods, the low volume process offers unparalleled flexibility. From design adjustments to rapid prototyping, CNC machining enables quick iterations, empowering manufacturers to respond swiftly to market demands and design refinements.

Streamlined Production: With efficient setup times and streamlined workflows, low volume CNC machining accelerates the production timeline. This agility is invaluable for businesses seeking shorter lead times and expedited product development cycles.

Quality Assurance: Quality is non-negotiable in manufacturing. Low volume CNC machining adheres to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring each component meets specifications with precision and consistency, regardless of batch size.


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  • CNC milling Lathe Small Batch CNC milling Lathe Small Batch


How do I know my design will be kept confidential?

We of course will sign and adhere to any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. We also have a strict policy within our factory that no photographs are ever allowed of a customer’s product without express permission. Ultimately we rely on our reputation of working with hundreds of thousands of unique designs over many years and never allowing any proprietary information to be disclosed to a third party.

How long does a CNC production quotate take?

According the the volume of the request, will need 24 hours-72 hours for low volume to volume CNC machining production, we will notify you as soon as possible after we review your design

Can I use my own material for production?

Yes, customer-supplied material is fine so long as it fits with our machine capabilities and CNC machining process are acceptable, we will quote without material cost then, or you can support a link to purchase the material in China if you have.

What is the shipping choice for  volume CNC production?

We provide DHL/FEDEX/UPS Door to door supports to client if the volume is not exceed the required volume, we will quote the shipping cost, and if it is big we have our cooperate Cargo also door to door service and they will quote

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